Alla Harutyunyan was the first woman to join the European Party of Armenia after its establishment in 2018. EPA members sometimes call her a “Fairy godmother of the Party”, she knows everyone and everyone knows her. A native of Nakhichevan, Alla is a Byzantine historian and sees a direct comparison between our history and today’s struggle.

Nerses Zeynalvandyan is probably the most experienced political figure in the EPA. He headed the Union of National Self-Determination for two years, was a deputy of the National Assembly for five years. Nerses embodies the best characteristics of Iranian-Armenians: honesty, decency, dignity. Mr. Zeynalvandyan is the head of the EPA pre-election headquarters.

Jalil Jalilov is the only Yezidi member of the EPA so far. We are proud to represent the son of our brotherly Yezidi people in the NA elections. Jalil is a chess coach by profession, which is an important skill in the political struggle.