EPA: Introduction

Arkady Vardanyan is one of the senior members of the European Party of Armenia. A businessman and philanthropist, publicist and analyst, he entered the political arena at the turn of the century and immediately challenged dictator Robert Kocharyan, who was establishing Bolshevik immorality and cynicism in the country. Through the efforts of the Russian special services and their local branch, Arkady Vardanyan was repressed and deprived, then exiled from Armenia. Ten years later, he returned to the Homeland, this time to fight against the another successor of the Bolshevik regime, Serzh Sargsyan. History repeated itself: fake criminal charges, imprisonment, civilian refugee status. Today, Arkady Vardanyan continues his struggle for the liberation and decolonization of the country as EPA Vice President and Coordinator of the Board. 

Aram Gevorgyan is one of the youngest member of the EPA Board, who recently joined the European Party and won the trust and sympathy of all of us with his deep political experience and skill. Having lived in Ukraine for many years, Mr. Gevorgyan participated in the struggle for independence from Russia as a political technology expert and today helps the EPA in our struggle for Armenia’s European integration and decolonization.