EPA: Introduction

EPA foreign party members are an inseparable part of the European Party of Armenia. In our weekly video conferences, the EPA Political Council organizes discussions with about two dozen members, almost half of whom represent EPA foreign structures. Today we will present five of them. Marina Hayrapetyan is from Prague, Czech Republic. Her deep political analysis often play a decisive role in the EPA’s decision-making process.

 Ruben Khurshudyan lives in Madrid. Mr. Khurshudyan, a medical doctor by profession, teaches us, with the patience and tolerance of a surgeon, to treat the painful political developments in Armenia as an inevitable and necessary period of treatment. 

Nikolay Avetyan lives in the political center of Europe, Brussels, where the main structures of the EU and NATO are located. Not a day goes by without sharing his profound and flawless political analysis on our pages. Mr. Avetyan is the Secretary of the EPA Political Council.

 Artem Babajanyan is from Baden-Baden, Germany, a senior engineer of the world-famous BOSCH company. His patriotism and devotion are the criteria for our struggle, his initiatives and actions often serve as an example for many communities in the Diaspora. 

Perhaps the most famous foreign member of the EPA is Alexander Brincken, a Swiss composer who fell in love with Komitas’ music, discovered the Armenian civilization for himself and learned Armenian perfectly.